Hermes, the uncareful courier

So this morning started off with an email about the blu ray player being faulty. Now the VCR I pretty much expect is fraud, but this one is probably genuine damage by the courier which is just bloody annoying. So that set me up well for the day. Spent the next two hours with a laser level a ladder, tape measure and a wooden batten. Trying to measure a ceiling accurately by one self is quite difficult, thankfully I’m quite resourceful. So managed to produce a pretty accurate grid of 3 x 3. Then drilled them all. Then Jamie comes home. Fed wires across all the horizontals. Annoyingly there wasn’t a wire between the front and back lights. We walked the dogs. I then emptied a load of crap out of the wardrobe and sawed up part of the floor in there. Put a cable through between the rear and middle rows. To be honest that was fairly painless. Next job is to paint everything. Went out for a walk. Rewired the light switch which has been outstanding for about four years. Had a bath. Jamie is doing one of his ‘live shows’. I’m going to eat pizza and get pissed.

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