A different kind of Eater egg

So yesterday started vaguely early. Jamie was in the spare room again after he finished at about 5AM, twitting around on something. Had breakfast. Put everything back in the front room and tidied up. Walked Sasha. Then it was time to go to Sarah’s for lunch. We walked and were promptly late due to Jamie being unable to take more than four steps without pissing about on his phone. Within three minutes of arriving the vagina gags were flowing, so normal service was resumed. Mother still existed. After a few hours mother dropped us home. I showed her the bathroom, she failed to fall down the stairs. An hour or so later she picked us up again for the evening session. Much food was eaton. Then mother gave me a small box. Something that she had been saving for almost forty-three years. Not the off switch to her pace-maker. It contained the arm band from when I was born. The hand written hospital release form. My first lock of hair. Several extracted teeth. A piece of pencil lead that was extracted from my ear when I was about nine. Lots of birthday cards. My school selection form. Also a ‘play bill’ from a school play when I was about eight. It’s an unusual gift, but a very nice one.

This morning didn’t start at 6:30, it started at about 11:30. Those down lighters were not going to wire themselves. So after a couple of hours they were all done and everything was tidied up. Jamie eventually got out of bed. We took the dogs up to the field. Came back and I fixed the plank to the ceiling and wired the socket in. Then I went out for a couple of hours and found a Geocache a few miles away. Came back and put the projector up. All set up and working. Used a dust sheet to measure the image size, and it’s a big image. Need to order the screen now.

Back to work tomorrow. At least the game has passed submission today, so a bit of good news there.

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