Why have one iMax theatre when you can have ten

So I started this morning with breakfast. Okay, so I cheated a bit and jumped on the end of a table with the photocopier salesman and said I was with them. They were all Japanese anyway, so weren’t going to put up a fight. We hung around the room for a bit as the park was open to eleven at night. We walked there just about mid day. The park is somewhat difficult to decribe, it’s mainly a mixture of large format cinema screens, some 2D some 3D, some with bits that move, some with bits that move too much and cause you much bruising. We sat through countless films about rescuing animals, space telescopes and fish. It’s all very educational, even if it’s all in French and couldn’t really understand a word of it. The first ride we went on envolved sitting on a toilet seat with a bunch of rabbits. That was somewhat strange. We also ended up doing ‘Dancing with the robots’, twice. Now that was a weird ride, you were thrown around the room on the end of a 26 foot robotic arm and span around like shit. It was certainly an experience. We ate, it was Friday, so pizza. Walked round the gift shops and then did the night time show. Which envolved lots of water, projections and lasers.

As usual with these places, even the people who couldn’t speak Engish made a really good effort to offset my truely appalling French. Jamie made a good point that you wouldn’t really get that in Alton Towers. Next time I’m there queuing at Nemesis and Jordan who is twelve, who is only there because he failed his NVQ in being stupid, and Darren who’s forty-seven, who’s only there because he impregnated Jordan’s mother ask me how many people, I’ll just say ‘Que?’ and see what a wonderfully blank reaction I’ll get.

So tomorrow is an early start. Relocation from central France right down to the Azure coast. Should be about nine hours driving. The only problem being that I have to do it in the same car as Jamie, who know doubt will spend the whole time buzzing and beeping, then he’ll get his phone out and that will start doing it as well.

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