Shafted by Kaspersky

So started at a reasonable if not remarkable time. New machine now in-place and running. So got on with work, basically doing the last lot of stripping out. All was going fine until I tried to add a certain dev kit target, clicked on the button, nothing happened. Lots of buggering about, lots of trawling forums, in the end I found a post mentioning Kaspersky. Now, I’d given it another chance after the problems I had last time. I disabled everything in it and still couldn’t add the target. I uninstalled it, added the target fine. So sorry Kaspersky, you have to be uninstalled once again. After several opinions I’m now looking at ESet Nod 32. So far so good. It is somewhat on the pricey side though. Apart from that, had no problems with the new machine at all. Walked both dogs together. Walked to the gym and did combat, Laverne made an announcement that she was going to do next weeks together with Nick, so will be nice to see her back. Walked home, did another couple of hours. My mind at the moment is being overrun with a lighting issue, actually a full rendering issue, can’t concentrate on anything because of it, it’s becoming quite annoying. Installed some more SDK’s on the old machine and building all that back up. The ‘Hello Fresh’ arrived today. This is food you cook yourself and they just provide you all the ingredients. So tonight after spending ages cleaning the kitchen I promptly fucked up the pork. Actually I fucked up the pork coating, the pork itself was nicely cooked. Jamie’s turn tomorrow.

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