I have a new keyboard, I’m not really sure I like it

Actually started at a reasonable time. Okay, only started at that time as I was awoken by a courier. New keyboard had arrived. It sat in the box all day. Walked to the post office and sent back that faulty SSD, I didn’t send it tracked so may live to regret that decision. Went out with Jamie and the digs lunchtime, he gave up half way round, Sasha and I continued around the ‘duck route’, it was fucking hot. Went off to Iceland (the freezer shop, not the home of the penis museum (look it up)). Picked up my free pizza. Picked up some dog stuff and some petrol. Came back and then headed out to Cribb’s. Parked up and did three odd Geocaches out that way. Came home and did a lot more work. Connected the new keyboard, it’s horrible. It came with a mouse which is also horrible. Jamie is cooking tonight, so that may be horrible as well. It’s still fucking hot.

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