So how long does Windows 7 take to reinstall?

So yesterday started off without any form of sex, but it did have coffee, so not a bad start. The day did go slightly strangely though. I read the papers and did all that sort of thing, then got up. Kicked Jamie out of bed then we walked the dogs. We then decided it would be a great idea to go shopping as we were going out in the evening and all I have is skinny black jeans and all Jamie’s clothes are of course on the floor. It was actually quite late but we headed out to Cribs. So I went in Next and bought trousers. Jamie looked at a pair for himself. We then went in Top man, I looked at the cute staff and bought a belt. Then went in Superdry and found a shirt I liked. Then it was back to Next, bought shoes, Jamie got the trousers after having some sort of crisis over the purchasing decision. Then went back to Superdry and bought the shirt. We then decided that we didn’t have suitable jackets, so went to M&S, found they were all very expensive so went to T.K Maxx via Toys’R’Us. I ended up buying Jamie a jacket and bought myself a complete Ben Sherman suit as I liked the jacket. Trousers made need taking up a tad, please take note, Jamie’s jacket was bloody expensive. So we then went and bought items for the dogs, hairspray and lint rollers. Got home and meandered somewhat. By the time we shit, showered and shaved it was about 9PM. Then we had to double back as Jamie forgot the wedding card. The wedding was back in Almondsbury so a good forty odd minute walk. Anyway, nice venue, was a farm, big marquee thing. Cash bar, except for the large cider barrel on the edge of the table so I helped myself to that, it was very nice and about 8%. It was a fun evening, we even managed to walk home and order pizza.

So woke up this morning after a very strange dream. I was removing engines from a kart and carrying them to a bus. But I kept getting accosted by Callum from ‘five seconds of summer’ (he’s not even the good looking one), he just kept saying ‘You need to fill my bum up with cum’. Which is quite interesting for an opening statement. Anyway, he followed me back to the bus. I said that was fine but we needed to distract Jamie. So he grabbed this female friend with the plan of leaving her on the bus with Jamie. So we left the bus together but Jamie caught up with us. Based laid plans and all….

Still I woke up and offered Jamie the opportunity to take Callum’s place, but was told he was feeling rather ill. He shouldn’t have had so much bloody cider. So I had coffee and got up. It was raining so that kind of scuppered my outdoor plans so I started on cleaning my office and moving some stuff around. So I move the old PC out and replaced with the new one, then set about fixing up the old one. So vacuumed it all out and cleaned all the filters. Then fitted the video card in it which was what my new PC came with. Then set about formatting the drive and re-installing Windows 7. All was fine, except the amount of time. It’s probably taken the best part of five hours to get it installed and all the updates done. And I don’t think it’s finished it. This is just the base operating system, I haven’t installed a single program yet. Still it’s kind of therapeutic. We walked the dogs and then I went off and found a new Geocache up in Aztec West. I think I’m going to go for a run and then call it a day in here. New machine is all up and running, the floor has been cleaned and everything has been dusted. Ordered a new keyboard as I hate this one and it needs to be USB. Moved my monitor round and cleaned up the desk a bit. Also removed a previous generation dev-kit and shoved it under the spare bed and finally installed a current generation dev-kit in it’s place. Although I currently have no desire to turn this one on. So already for a fresh work week tomorrow on a new machine, it will be like the first day of term.

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