Now I remember why I gave up Windows coding

So this morning started with a bit of a blur, but it was hot, so a great excuse for three mugs of coffee. Anyway, work wise I’m still a bit underpowered thanks to hardware failures so needed to get on with something. Had a vast discussion about light mapping, it’s a very dull subject. Then fixed a couple of minor things for someone who had only waited two years for them. Then I had to venture into some tools stuff. Not my normal area, but we want to get shot of DX9, so all the tools have to work in DX11. So the fun job of converting them all, or at least starting on it as I can no longer build for console has fallen to me. It was all going fairly fine until I came across an odd concept in DX9 where you can do the present with a window handle override. On DX11 this doesn’t exist, so you have to create a swap chain for each window handle. Oh the joy. You don’t get this shit on consoles, they don’t have any bloody windows.

Walked Sasha, at the only point in the day it rained. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home again, did more work. Did the washing. Oh the normality of it all.

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