Pulp Fiction

So this morning started with a brief coffee and then off to the vets with Dillon. The vet put a muzzle on Dill’s, as she thought he may get bait snappy, didn’t move a muscle. Came back and then took Sasha for her walk. I then went to mothers, on the pre tense to mend her lamp, but really I wanted her garden shredder. Said, shredder was picked up. I also pumped up her tyres and listened to her moan. Had lunch. Was thinking about going out but time was getting on. Shredder conked out as soon as it was powered on, so needed some TLC before I could use it. In the end, worked very well and the garden is now clear of piles of shit. Had shower. Picked Sarah and Shaun up. We’d already drank a shitload before the pizza arrived and then ate a shitload before we sat down for the film. Sarah chose ‘Pulp Fiction’ which is a bit of a classic. I hadn’t watched it in ten years. It’s an odd one. I think it takes several views before you really ‘get it’. It’s also a hell of a long one at just under two and a half hours. It was all very cosy on the couch, but good fun had by all. We’ll do it again some time, but may be with something perhaps a little more light hearted.

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