Welcome to the 1,000th post

Who thought all those years ago (okay, less than 3) I would be bothered to actually write something dull and tedious about my life, almost everyday. Well you’re reading it, so get over yourself.

Had a hell of a mucus problem this morning, I mean both nostrils were absolutely full. After a good blowing session I felt considerably better but now had sinus pain. Still, rather have that than no ability the breath. Good news is the cough has subsided and apart from a bit of pain pretty much everything else is back to normal.

Work is a pain at the moment as I’ve lost most of my main PC down to various hardware failures, so it’s pretty slow going. Thankfully only had one bug to look at so wasn’t too bad. Then had a look at various lighting solutions for another project. My wonderful presentation video is now available on a certain manufacturers web site. Sorry, thanks to very heavy NDA the stuff, that’s very much where it will stay, unless you are a registered developer.

Have ordered (well, I didn’t, I have ‘people’ you know) my new work PC. I7 4Ghz, 512GB PCIe boot drive, 1TB SSD, 2X4TB data drives, 16GB RAM, twin 980GTX. Apparently it’s great for editing text and compiling, which is all I’ll ever use it for.

It’s been very hot today, which to be honest has made a nice bloody change.

Anyway, here’s to another 1,000.

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