Not sure I bought enough orangy biscuits

So this morning actually started quite casually. I wanted to squirt over Jamie, but instead ended up playing Faithless very loud followed by two episodes of ‘Hancock’s half hour’. Fed everyone. Walked both dogs. Then started on packing. Soon it was time to take dogs to Kennels, thankfully this time when I arrived they were expecting me. Dogs were fine. Came back and had lunch. Then vanished up to Cribb’s to pick up a few small things. Came back and continued packing. Then got into a bit of a crises when I realised that my iPod touch was too old to run Ios 8, so couldn’t stream from Apple Music. Then tried to buy a new iPod but everywhere was closed. Dug around in a drawer and found an iPhone 5. So that’s now all synced up and working. Ate salad. Started turning things off. Continued packing. Found that over a period of three weeks I’d bought about a dozen different lots of orange biscuit bars. I won’t be taking all of them. This time I feel I’ve actually packed way too much. At least I can change close three times a day and still have plenty left over. Had another crises when I checked the travel insurance. I’m pretty sure when I bought it it covered Turkey, but too late to check. So bought an additional policy anyway. Better safe than sorry. Need to shower now, and then pack. No sleep tonight, drive straight to Gatwick. So next update should hopefully come from Lara Beach…

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