And finally logged out

Actually woke up fairly early with Dillon barking at the back door. So let them out and went back to sleep. Still started fairly early. Had a lot of shader work to do. Weather was okay lunchtime, so took Sasha out for a long walk. Went past the Aztec hotel and a voice called out in a strong Irish accent, “Hello sir, how are you doing?”. I thought it was someone who wanted to tarmac my drive, but I looked round and it was the manager of the old Italian at Aztec West. We had a quick chat, we’ll be paying that hotel a visit in the future of he’s running the restaurant now. Dillon had a shorter walk as it was beginning to cloud over. Logged out of the work forum on my MacBook, iPad, phone and main PC. Changed the password to some random characters. Logged out of the chat program at 6:10PM, disabled the email. I have no intention of logging in again until Monday week. I actually have no physical way of doing it now. That’s it. I’m free for a week. Sent a text to Captain James, we are booked in for four flights on the weekend after I come back. Busy times. Just need to pack now.

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