We Come 1

Today was a long day. In fact I think it incorporated yesterday, or even maybe tomorrow. All I know is the last time I went to bed was Friday night. I think it’s now Sunday. But thanks to some quality coffee beans all is good with the world. So where are we, okay last entry was Saturday night, so haven’t lost as much as I thought. Basically finished packing at gone midnight. Had a snack. We hit the road at about 1:30AM. I’d done enough coffee to probably take me over some legal limit. The journey to be honest was a joy. M4, then M25, no traffic whatsoever. We did Bristol to Gatwick in a little over twoo hours. Thanks to satnav technology, getting to ‘Purple Parking’ was somewhat interesting. Still, it was right on the money and got us to the door. Check in there was a breeze and we were soon at Gatwick. Big queue to checkin, but they didn’t piss about, took about 10 minutes. Then we went throug security. Jamie headed for the Maccy D’s. I was somewhat pissed off to find out that they don’t do cheese burgers at 5AM. What the fuck is that all about? I went to Costa and got a rather yummy muffin. Soon the gate was called and boarding was a synch. I thought we would be all alone at the back of the plane but about thirty minutes later it filled up. We had one annoying small child and a baby. I had noise cancelling headphones and an iPhone filled with Pink Floyd, Vangellis and William Orbit. I also had a Kindle with a great book about plane crashes on it. Too wired to sleep, so went in and out of dozing and reading. I think we were the only people on the flight who’d paid for a ‘meal’. It was something in a box that came with yet another coffee. Flight to be honest was fine, it was cheap as chips. Never been on that airline before (Monarch), harmless, plus they didn’t try and sell me a scratchcard. Immigration was fine, I think I could have printed out my shopping list and the guy wouldn’t have given a shit. Luggage reclaim however was another story. You have the feeling that the whole thing was being handled by a Turk who’d rather have been somewhere else, who probably was somewhere else most of the time, and when he was there he had about 50 fag breaks. It took almost 45 minutes to get Jamie’s case. We then ventured out to find the bus. To say we walked around the entire car park was an understatement. I was getting very pissed off. I will write a nasty email and get a refund on that. We found the bus eventually. Driver was fine and we were the first drop off. It’s only about 10 minutes from the airport. Hotel as usual looks like a state prison from the outside. We went to checkin and were soon whisked away by guest relations. There’s a reason I pay a premium, and that’s to be treated like a god, and this very much went according to plan. No upgrade this time, although they did do their homework and eventhough the address had changed, they worked out we had been before. We have a lovely suite with a full sea view. I did a bit of unpacking and then we ventured out for a light lunch. I had the ravioli, which to be honest I didn’t like. Went back to the room and slept. Jamie sent me a text about ‘join me in the shower’, but I was far away. Woke up at about 7. Had some vaguely meaningful sex (well both of us were conscious). Then showered and changed fro dinner. It was Italian night, so had the sea bass. Tried to book all the restaurants for the week, told we could not do this. I will moan about this, it’s one thing we should be able to do. Anyway, we have two restuarants booked and a private pavillion booked for Wednesday. I also have a free facial, I may upgrade that with a few extras. So went back to the room and changed again. (I brought enough clothes to change three times a day). We are now sat in the main lobby bar, which is the only twenty-four hour one. Drinking cocktails. Tomorrow, I’m sure we will find a nice place to plonk our fat arses. Still, all-in-all, can’t be bad.

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