“Yes the dog is lovely, but only suitable for eating”

I’m not sure it was my cooking or the rampant sex at 1AM (that was a bit random, Jamie started playing with the hair on my head, what remains, but slowly moved down to hair elsewhere, what followed was about 6 minutes of passion). Anyway, then fell asleep and had the weirdest dream. We had another dog, it even had a name which now I have forgotten. But it was lovely. The sad thing was I had to kill it, I ended up with some collar thing as that would slowly cause it to pass away, although I was after something that could be mixed with eggs. I was afraid that Sasha or Dillon may eat that though. It was a lovely dog, but was unable to take a shit, therefore it had to die. I have the strangest of dreams. So woke up, drank coffee and ate cereal, fed the two dogs which weren’t on the menu then got up. Basically a continuation of yesterday, all to do with wall preparation. Just after lunch I was waiting for a coat to dry so headed off to Homebase, which is a pain to get to, but they did have a great offer on paint. So got all the required paint. Came back and finished off. Basically everything is now ready to start painting, bar a couple of little bits. So I can get going on that next weekend. Ordered the radiator and got most of the electrical order sorted. So I reckon about three weekends and the job will be done.

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