I went fishing and finally caught a cable

So started quit early, decided to get the first lot of exercise out of the way, so took Sasha out for an hour. Came back and cracked on. Moved the telly out of the way and picked an arbitrary strip of wooden floor to saw through. Once that was up I could see where the nails were for a beam so sawed through just to the side of them. Got the square out fairly easily. Had a peek through the hole…. Thankfully there was a small gap between the bottom of the beams and the foundations, or hard core, or basically junk. So then moved the bookcase and sawed a nice square out of the stud wall between a couple of joists. Then drilled down with a hole cutter. This was going weird as I appeared to be getting shards of metal. It wasn’t until I’d completely knackered the hole cutter that I realised I’d been drilling through a nail. Drilled more holes, this time thankfully they went right through. Chiselled through the holes and managed to remove the dodgy nail and left a nice gap downwards. Now the fun part. I poked some speaker cable down the hole with various loops held together with cable ties. I then broke up a coat hanger and jammed that on the end of a couple of lengths of tile beading. Then shoved that under the floor. Spent the best part of an hour getting nowhere.

Picked up the dog poo, then walked to Iceland (the freezer place, not the country). Got my second hour of exercise in. Had lunch. Then back to fishing. There was something which looked solid very near where I’d drilled the hole. I thought it was the gas pipe. But it can’t be, as after much more thrusting it’s vanished. I assume it was just a bit of broken wood that had come free from my endless banging above. Made a modified hook with more coat hanger. Went for a three pronged approach. Managed to get it stuck several times, hook various pieces of wood and stones. Eventually I got the hang of it, with various thrusting and twisting and snared the wire. Gently pulled it through. Then it was just a case of pulling through the hdmi and network cables. Fitted the speaker wall plate. Put another hole in the floor to bring the cables through. I still have the other side to do for the speaker cable, and that’s a lot further away. Job for next time. Put all the boards back and screwed them down for the moment. It’ll all need caulking and sealing properly, then a good dose of filler. Still, a fairly successful day. Had bath. Now time for the Grand Prix highlights and a well deserved glass of wine I think.

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