Why do I look forward to routing cables?

Started this morning with coffee and cereal, plus the final lot of Aloe Vera, just to kill it off. Actually weighed the cereal, it said a ‘serving’ was 30g, no bloody way, so went for 60g. Go up fairly sharpish and walked Sasha for an hour. Then visited mother, her laptop had login problems. I did sort it out fairly quickly (to be fair, it wasn’t actually caused by anything she had done). She did do the right thing and keep her gob shut during the process. I say keep her gob shut, but she spent most of her time coughing after eating an Easter biscuit, I declined, too much cinnamon is never a good thing. She did say it was mothers day tomorrow and she needed a new gate, I declined to comment on both items. I did come out with a plank of wood though, need that for a future project.

Came back and ate salad for lunch. Then drove towards town, parked up and was dying for a pee again, that’s two weeks in a row now. Went in Richer Sounds and picked up some speaker cable. Then went in Sainsbury’s and used their loo. Walked into town, went in one shop and walked right back out again. Stopped off in Tool Station and picked up supplies, including 1,000 drywall screws. I only need about 6, still, always good to have spares.

Came back and did the accounts. Jamie turned up and asked if I’d pissed in the air freshener thing as it seems to have ‘refilled’. I said I’d just topped it up with water, believe that if you like….

Was about to have a shower and Jamie was running the bath, so ended up in the bath with him. He had some dreadful podcast bollocks going on, so finished off a magazine.

So tomorrow I have to saw through a floor, two stud walls and attempt to fish cables through. Should all be very exciting.

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