I think the floor got it”s revenge

I don’t think the floor approved of all my cutting and drilling. I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been in a car wreck. My shoulders physically hurt and I was covered in bruises. Still, got up and cracked on. Standard Monday, couldn’t really get into much. Walked Sasha for an hour. Did a bit more. Went to the gym and did Combat, which wasn’t great when body parts didn’t want to work and I was knackered. Forgot my towel for some reason so couldn’t have a shower at the gym. Came back and did a couple of hours decent work on a compute shader. Had a shower. Ate salad. I’ve decided to set myself weekly weight loss goals, weigh in day is Thursday. If I’m not at the target weight then no alcohol for the rest of the week. Is that a reward or punishment? See how it goes.

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