I Want More

So this morning we’d ordered the ‘room service breakfast’. Now, considering the menu was harder to decrypyt than Engima we ended up with two boiled eggs as required and also somehow no less than three boody omelettes. Plus orange juice, coffee, some weird cheese platters and a shit load of bread. I think they decided that these guys don’t have a bloody clue what they are ordering so just give them everything. We ate bits of it anyway. The egges were far too over done. After changing into something more inappropriate we headed to the usual pool. We’ve done alright there and managed to secure the exact same spot all week. I then went off to the mornings air gun. I’m actually getting quite good at it now. Then retired back to the pool. A flick through a magazine later and then it was time for lunch. After lunch I went round with the camera and took a load of photos. Then it was time for the final round of air gun. To say, it had kind of built up to a mini-family. It was great fun with really nice people. Went back to the pool. We milked it a bit until the light was fading. Then I put some music on and started packing. Tonight we ate at the Turkish restaurant. Oddly I met family air-gun there as well. The meal was very nice. We went to the pool bar afterwards as there was Karaoke and miss air-gun was singing. I dd say I’d do duet with her, but thankfully they killed it all early before killing all the guests. She went to bed. I did think of adding her to FaceBook, but thinking about it, I probably just like to keep the memory. These are people I met at a certain time in my life and had fun with, it’s a very short but enjoyable chapter, that chapter is now closed. I will always have fond memories, but thats how they will remain, just as memories, which will fade over time, but I’ll always have a soft spot for. We eventually arrived here at the lobby bar, where we have ended every night. And now it’s where we end the holiday. It’s been fun. No regrets. Other than the eight pounds in weight I have gained. Bye bye Turkey, I will miss you. You provide no end of sunshine and free beer. Your people are jolly and courteous. We always feel welcome, even if we are not exactly your ideal clientell. We will be back. I thank you once again for your hospitality.

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