God is a DJ

So this morning I did have a bit of a lie in. After being just completely knackered yesterday. I think actually it was the ‘missing night’ finally catching up with me. As remember we left home last Sunday morning and we had no sleep at all Saturday night, plus we went forward two hours. Okay, so we’ve been sat around on our arse a lot, but time waits for no man, or even no Mann. So got up at about 10:30, I waddled down to my usual breakfast haunt, it was closed. I was either too late or indeed it was closed for the day. So I ended up in the main restaurant which was painful. It was a full five minutes before my coffee turned up and the eggs were awful. Went back up and made sure Jamie was still alive and then went straight to air rifle. I must admit, it was an absolute great laugh as normal. The Netherlands crew turned up as normal, plus we were joined by a large group of Indians. These guys had an amazing attitude, the Norwegian guy thought they were from India, they were from Bradford, but they had no beef, the chap said yeah was Indian, but the first time he’d visited it was when he was 28. They were a real good crack, plus he got his wife to shoot as well, we all actualy had a really good laugh. Went back to the suunbeds where Jamie had finally rested his carcus. I’m still reading my ‘radio telephony’ book, as I have an exam to pass. Went to the usual restaurant and had the sea bass. Spent a couple more hours just listening to music and reading a book and then went for the afternoons session of air rifle. On the way back Jamie was already hanging out over the balcony. So went to the room, had a couple of beers and did some reading. I’m all done with running. I’ve been bitten to buggery and my legs have literally siezed up with poison. We had the BBQ restuarant tonight. Now all week we have eaton in pretty much top end restuarants with waiter service. Tonight we turned up and were served our wine. We were then told, ‘This is a self service restaurant’. We pretty much knew this anyway. But I’m paying like 350 quid a day so that I can BBQ my owen bloody burgers. Still it was good fun I guess. We quickly darted to the room and picked up cameras and stuff. I wanted to see tonights ‘show’ it was billed as ‘extreme sports’. I was expecting skateboards, BMX, all sorts of shit. What I got was two actually very good trials bike riders and a mediocre inline skater together with a whole host of Russian dancers. The show lasted 40 minutes, but seemed to repeat itself every ten and the end credits were longer than the rest of it put together. Still it was the first show we’ve seen this week and was okay I guess. We then went to our favourite bar had a couple of bevvies. Then went to the pool bar. There was a live band. I said to Jamie that the way the music was going, it wouldn’t be long before they hit ‘West Virginia’, and sure enough it was the next song. We eventually retired to the lobby bar, mainly as its the only place I can get a WiFi signal. Tonight we visit the ‘night club’, as after all, tonight, God is a DJ.

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