So Devon it is then

Spent all bloody day on that compute shader again, still not getting anywhere with it. Walked Sasha for an hour and then did a walk this evening as well. Not sure I’m going to hit the target weight this week. Managed to do another two hours of studying on meteorology. Spent the rest of the evening staring at speakers. I think these Tannoy’s need to go. They are very old and don’t really work well on the sound stage. Got my eye on a decent set, but with the amp that’s going to be about £1400. Was looking at side and ceiling speakers, but it’s all such a faff I think I’ll stick with 5.1. Jamie has decided there aren’t enough pay days before holiday time, so we won’t be going anywhere I expect. I’ll probably block book a number of flying hours instead and build the time up. (And before you think, oh why don’t you pay for all of it, in reality it would cost me somewhere close to seven grand for two weeks somewhere I’ve been to about five times already.) We may look at Europe instead as the Euro is pretty good at the moment. Maybe EuroDisney and some time in the south of France would be good.

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