Goodbye Disney, hello Diesel Peugot 308

So once again I dinned alone for breakfast. Not that I eat by habbit, but I had exactly the same as I’ve had for the last couple of days. Packed suitcase and then we ventured into the parks for the final time. Did a couple of rides, got front row on both Rocking Rollercoaster and RC Coaster, so worth going back. Eventually we picked up the cases and then made our way to the station. Met by an ignorant Frenchman at the car high place and eventually found a rather battered Peugot 308, in a horrible brown colour and it’s Diesel. So whizzed it round the carpark a couple of times to get used to it then hit the open road. Not that we had far to go, it was only about 40Km. Found the hotel easy enough. It’s Enzo based, so has a Ferrari in the lobby and lots of tables made of engine parts. No restaurant, so we hopped across the street for my second Mickey D’s of the year. It has a bar with no draft beer. Still it’s about two minutes from the park we are visiting tomorrow and it looks like the weather may hold. So couple of beers at the bar and an early night I think. We had a nap earlier. We are both really hammered sleep wise though, it’s now kind of cought up with us.

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