I actually found my way back using a map

So started with coffee and cereal, then it was a quick dog walk before heading up to Staverton. Got chatting to a chap called Jayson who’s a fully qualified commercial pilot, weighs about eight stone and looks about fifteen. Nice guy, can’t get a job as he doesn’t have ‘experience’. So he just has to fly around lots at his own expense to build up hours, a very expensive situation to be in, a great shame when he’s done everything right. I planned todays nav rather badly and added the wind offset vector to the wind direction. If I’d headed that way I would have hit Brazil by about now if the fuel tank was big enough. So had to do the outward journey by guessing and looking at the map. The return journey however was pretty much spot on, got all the landmarks and roads and found the bridge twenty miles later, so I was quite pleased with that. The plan next time is to do another nav and then have lunch and do a solo nav afterwards. So that’ll be fun. I’m now over the fact that I think it’s going to kill me permanently. Drove back, had lunch and then headed into town. Wanted to look at keyboards as I’m not happy with the new PC one but the only shop there that would do them has closed down. So will try and pop over Cribb’s tomorrow and some point and take a look.

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