Beefed up security

So this morning started early. For one reason which will become clear next week, but I’m not saying anything in the meantime. Anyway, got back from that and had breakfast. Then spent about an hour outside adding a security light and a proximity alarm. This is because some fucker decided it would be a great idea to try and steal my bumper. I kid you not, it was all unbolted, thankfully they must have got disturbed. So anyway, security light added, and a big fuck off proximity sensor connected to a siren. Walked the dogs in the rain. Had lunch. Then headed up to Cribb’s to look at some keyboards. They had all the ordinary ones out, but the gaming ones were all in boxes so couldn’t try them out which is quite annoying. I think I’m settled on a Corsair K70 though. Drove into Pilning and picked up all the Geocaches around that area. In between doing shit I’ve been recovering the backup PC as well. That’s all going to plan. Busy week next week. Meetings, car service, etc. Then the week after I really must book to see my dentist. That will make helicopter lessons seems like the bargain of the century.

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