I can now land with the governor off and have a certificate to prove it

So today I actually started quite early. Well it was before coffee time anyway. Mainly lots of paper reading today. All about lighting and light baking. Interesting, but also kind of dull. At 11AM I vanished off to Staverton. Had to finally do the practical for the Robinson Safety course. I flew with Candia, who’s actually very nice when she relaxes a bit. Which helps when you are 2,000ft up and six inches apart. We covered maintaining RPM in turns during auto-rotations, low g push overs and out of ground hover recovery. Then flew back to aerodrome and landed it without the governor which was fun. Then did a load more exercises without governor and then some more engine off stuff. All good fun. Got my certificate. Drove home and carried on reading about light baking. Walked to gym. Did Pump. Walked home. Walked the dogs. A lot of walking today. Will now put the washing away and eat pizza. Another free flight from James tomorrow.

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