I think someone maybe trying to take me for a ride on eBay, you really don’t want to try that

So started off latex, when I wanted to start early. I blame Jamie who for some reason desperately wanted a bum last night. It would have been rude to refuse. Anyway, back on h-tile, compute shader stuff. Finally had a bit of a breakthrough, actually it was due to the depth buffer being backwards. All to do with going from GL to a DX style depth format. Basically GL does everything in a cube, so projection space is all -1 to +1 in all dimensions. DX does it slightly different, x/y are -1 to +1 but z is 0 to 1. This means you have to change your projection matrix. Also the depth buffer then just happens to be backwards. So when I was using the h-tile min / max values they were the wrong way round. Anyway, after that was sorted it all started working. So quickly implemented spotlights, mostly working but some odd thing going on with specular.

Got an email via eBay about a DVD/VCR thing I sold, apparently completely dead, asking for advice. Strange, was tested before it went. Offered advice. Did a bit of digging this evening on this particular buyer. In the past couple of months they seem to have sold rather a lot of identical items. Very odd. My auction was marked as ‘no returns’. Lets see what happens. It’s only thirty quid, but I could have fun with this one.

Now watching the ‘leaders debate’, no punch up yet. Farage is coming over as a bit of a dick though and blaming everything on foreigners. They seem to be the cause of everything from NHS waiting lists to global warming.

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