He wouldn’t let me go on ‘Space Mountain’

So the alarm went off at 8AM. I got up and made coffee and breakfast for three. Sasha wasn’t too thrilled. We have this really dodgy old duvet in a heap in the guest bathroom, so rather than sleep on two beautiful very expensive dog beds, instead she likes to sleep on that. Anyway, they went out and had breakfast. They knew something was up when I squeezed four tins of food into their bag of mixer. We eventually left half-hour late and dropped the dogs off no problem. They were pulling to get in. Then once in Sasha was desperate to escape and almost cleared the barbed wire. We headed straight up the M5 to Stafford in the most painless traffic ever. I think we did the whole journey in about two hours twenty. Put it this way we had picked up our park tickets and were in the park by 1PM. We did question if it was open. If there was such a thing as a ‘ghost themepark’, we’d just found it. We walked straight to Nemesis and jumped straight on, then got off, walked round again and pretty much got on the next car. Then we walked over to ‘Air’ where we waited about three minutes, I still hate that bloody ride. We took the cable car over to the other side of the park. I was very disappointed that the pasty place was closed, I’d been looking forward to that. Did ‘Rita’ then ’13’ then made our way over to ‘Sonic Spinball’, where it broke down. The after a while we got on it, it then broke down while we were on it and had to be manually released. Time was getting on so we did ‘Blade’ and then ‘Nemesis’ one more time. Exited by via the gift shop. So we did the whole park, with multiple rides on ‘Nemesis’ (which I still rate as one of the best coasters in the world) in under four hours. We have a whole day here tomorrow but the weather is due to be a bit shit, so we may just have breakfast and drive home. He never let on ‘Space Mountain’ or ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’ though. I don’t care if one is in Paris and the other one is in Tokyo.

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