It’s all about the oral

So after failing to have sex (I did say woo a lot and tweaked his nipple twice), I made breakfast and coffee. I didn’t have a paper so read more of that bloody comms manual thing. We eventually got up and walked the dogs. I then had a quick lunch and drove to Staverton. The aircraft had a governor failure so was waiting for a chap to have a look at it. Thankfully it was just a loose connector and a couple of cable ties later was fine. We did 1.3 hours and covered forced landings, steep turns, confined are landings, slopes, low power operations. All went fine, some bits were a bit dodgy. Booked my radiotelephony oral exam for next Sunday, so need to read up and study all that. Should be straightforward I guess. Although I have to do work in between plus everything else. It should all be over in a few more weeks though.

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