So we went to the ‘no go zone’ according to the Americans

Woke up at 8AM. Was pissing down. Was nice to wake up in a bed with no dog hair and no dogs though. We went for breakfast at 9:30. Jamie had a cooked breakfast so he was happy. We had no intention of going back into the park with the wonderful drizzle, so hung around until my bowels kicked in and then we headed back to the car. We decided to head south and go to the ‘Bullring’ in Birmingham, which according to the American’s was a muslim stronghold and a complete no-go area for whites. After I found the car park entrance I didn’t find my way blocked by ISIS. I actually quite like Birmingham, it has one of the most diverse cultural mixes in the country. I think this is because it is strictly in the ‘middle’, and everyone just goes there. It’s been about twenty years since I was in this bit though. Okay, it has a large range of shops, but no different to those you would find anywhere else. Jamie diverted me to the Virgin Holiday’s place at the top of Debinhams. We then sat there for about two hours while he relieved me of seven grand. We then had a very expensive burger and drove home. Via Cribbs Causeway, where I bought him his birthday present, Lego, he’s twenty-eight. I sat there and built all the models.

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