Droitwich, I hope it’s more exciting than it looks from the air

So got up and had breakfast. Then did the wind calcs for the nav. Drove up to Staverton. We did look a bit strange in hi-viz jackets carry two dumbbells through the main terminal. The nav exercise was fine, pretty accurate. Droitwich looked very dull, but was big enough to find. Did the whole thing in 1.3 hours. Next is the two land aways. Once those are complete I have about five hours left. Drove home, had lunch. Then I drove Jamie down towards Cotham, parked up and then we walked down to the centre to find some sheep. Did a few and then headed to Ashton Court for the ballon fiesta, and managed to avoid all of it. Found both sheep, it was very miserable drizzly weather. We walked back across the suspension bridge and found a few more sheep. Came home, had my snack. Did the accounts. Had a bath and phoned mother, she’s still alive.

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