Did my first solo nav

So woke up early and got breakfast. Read the paper. Then it was time to leave for Staverton. Helicopter had already been out that morning. Planned a short dual nav, we went out and flew that, did a few autorotations on the way back in. Parked up. Jayson then took his mate out in it. James had I had lunch and I planned out another nav. Just before you go out solo you always get a little pep talk. James invited me on to hist psychiatrists couch. Then jokingly said, ‘It’s all your mothers fault’. I think he may know me a bit better than he thinks. Got ready. Fuelled up. We put extra weights under the seats. I started up and James got out at the holding point. I then flew for 1.3 hours and carried out my first complete solo navigation exercise. It was a beautiful sunny day, with very little wind. It was perfect. It was a wonderfully uneventful flight. Flew back into the circuit and parked it by the fuel bay. Drove home. Ate my snack. New part for PC arrived, didn’t work. Very frustrating. Ran nine miles. Had a shower. Jamie bought me flowers and chocolate, he even changed the bed. He either wants money or sex, I’d rather go for the money option. So the plan is to do another nav tomorrow and then I’m ready to do the big solo land aways.

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