Do it by the numbers

So after yet another crap nights sleep I got up and made breakfast for three. Read the paper and then headed out to Staverton. We just had a ‘potter about’ as James put it. Flew out quickly to the north, did some high speed steep turns and maintained headings and stuff, then flew back in and did some set-downs and pick-ups and a bit of hovering. M5 was closed on the way back which was an arse. Headed into town, finally got some new shoes, they are brown, mother would approve, and a new gym bag. Came back and walked both dogs. Popped to Tesco’s and then did the accounts, finally went for a run.

Now after the past weeks complete diet failure, well, not actually a failure, I stuck to it like glue. But I lost two and a half pounds and most of that wasn’t fat. Plus the fact I haven’t really slept for a week. So I decided to go for a different tact. I put everything into ‘myfitnesspal’, all food, all drink everything. The important thing is, it splits everything up into the different food groups, and going by what I was eating, a) I wasn’t eating by far enough for the amount of exercise I was doing and b) What I was eating, didn’t have enough carbs in it. I’m eating too much protein. So what I’d thought I’d do is stick to the numbers it’s producing. So today I started with my cereal as normal, had an early lunch with James at Staverton, which consisted of chicken, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Then when I got home I had Ryvita’s and cheese, all measured of course. Then for dinner I had chicken breast, two hard boiled eggs, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers, pickled onions and new, wait for it, new potatoes. This is to increase the carbs. And I still have enough left for yet another round of Ryvita’s and some wine. So I’ll stick with this one for a week and see how many tons I put on.

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