And then nothing happened

So alarm went off at 8. Got an email to say that tiler wasn’t coming. Jamie tossed me off, so at least I did. Shopping arrived half hour earlier. Delivery driver was an idiot. Tap arrived on time. It’s a tap. Looks like the old one. I’m sure they are all made in the same Taiwanese sweatshop. Got up. Threw a bit of a paddy at work. Have a big issue where one part of the company wants every addition under the sun without any frame rate reduction and another which just wants the bloody thing finished and bug free. I basically logged out of our chat system and went AWOL for the day. I was still working, I just wasn’t prepared to talk to any one, without killing them. It worked quite well, I must do that more often. Walked Sasha, even though it wasn’t my day. Caught Jamie using one of those pay day lenders which I really don’t approve of. Now, your mother has read that she may have a go at you as well. He also failed to put the shopping away as he didn’t get out of bed early enough. See, if you did that I may not have mentioned it.

Went to Pump. Did a session with Laverne and worked on my arms. Also filled her in about the fun bathroom saga. I have no idea who’s turning up tomorrow if anyone.

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