And then I got to speak to the tedious people

This morning started earlier than I’d like, but at the time I asked for. The tiler arrived after just after 9:30. I don’t think he was too pleased with the job ahead, not my fault, it was what he was told about. Anyway, he was great, provided tea he got his tools out. I spent half hour carrying all the bloody tiles upstairs. I provided him with tea every hour. He put on ‘Absolute Radio’, and promptly sang to every bloody track. He didn’t have a bad voice providing it was in C. Any minor key was fairly awful. I must admit, he’s done a fine job. I’m really pleased with the result so far. I had a fairly tedious day editing videos, tidying the office and posting shit (literally) on Facebook.

He buggered off at 5:30. Jamie came back and we out for the evening to my sisters. Now. I was quite up for the evening even if Jamie wasn’t. I chatted to a guy I’ve known for twenty odd years (and his wife), no problem at all. Okay, so we chatted about bathrooms and plumbers. Then we chatted to a lady I’ve known for years, we talked about travel, she is lovely, always has been. Then we were introduced to a woman who’s first words were, “how can anybody drink Chardonnay”. She reminded me somewhat of Katie Hopkins, but wasn’t as interesting. She also seemed to be somewhat obsessed with how tall she was. Then I finally ended up with a tiresome bore who I tried to avoid all evening. His life seemed to consist of not being able to buy a certain wine anymore from Sainsbury’s. He then banged on continuously about flying a helicopter upside down while drinking 40% proof wine. Now here’s the fun thing, you are not capable of brewing wine, and you certainly can’t fly a helicopter. You just seem to be an annoying dick who’s sole purpose in life is some sort of ‘one upmanship’. At the end of the day, I’m considerable richer than you are, am able to hold a sensible conversation that isn’t fuelled by alcohol. Oh and the last time I saw you, you were still a bit of a twat, but had three less chins. We made polite excuses and left. They say you can’t choose your family but can choose your friends. On this occasion we very much exercised the latter.

Sorry I broke your coat rack, that really wasn’t intentional. You must come round for pizza some time. Sorry we didn’t stay for games, but to be honest it’s been a hell of a shit week. Far too many early starts, far too many people pissing me off, from work to plumbers. I just want to accelerate to the end of next week when it’s all done and out of the way. If someone could turn round to me now and offer me a painless death, I’d be very tempted. But on the other hand that would probably please some people, and we wouldn’t want that would we.

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