Ah yes, really must look out for a spare tyre again

If anyone’s listening, it’s an Astra VXR 225/40R18 92W. It has one of those stupid inflation kits which is probably knackered. Always afraid of getting a flat, actually one of the wheels did have a nail in it for three years. I know someone who may have about six of these jammed down the back of the couch. So this morning started with Jamie being some what amorous and actually put in quite a good effort. He’s doing the Clean 9 thing, so yeah, nice. Started work. Still on my bloody compute shader, finally got it all working. Currently it’s slower than the pixel shader variant, but it’s early days yet, as it’s only really just started working. Didn’t take Sasha out, left that to Jamie. He went out and came back with Callum. I went out and left them to it. When I came back Callum was outside with the RAC man, he didn’t have a spare tyre either. Spent about an hour and a half going through exam questions. Feel quite tired.

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