Almost but not quite

So started with sex, bit of a weird entry, but all good in the end, if somewhat quick. Had breakfast. Then put a second coat on the door frame. Finally got round to routing the rest of the cabling, apart from a dog that pretty much consumed the bulk of the day. Now it’s all together and all working. Except for a couple of mistakes, I’ve run one more RG6 than I needed to, and I’m missing an HDMI cable really. So I’ve ordered a shed load of HDMI cables and I’ll have another attempt at sorting it all out during the week. But it does indeed look very tidy. So just the door and the back of the fireplace left to paint. It will be finished by the end of next weekend, so basically on schedule. Sterilised thirty bottles ready for the next lot of white. I’ll probably bottle that tomorrow. Had a cold bath. Now I’m going to make a curry and watch the x-factor final.

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