Emulsion paw prints

I forgot to say yesterday that the radiator went. I removed it last saturday and stuck it outside the bay window in the hope somebody would bugger off with it, took less than a week, God bless the pikey scrap dealers. Woke up late, actually woke up at 5AM, but got breakfast or three rather late. Read the paper. Still have quite a bad cold, so reading was as erotic as I got. Got up eventually. Took the lounge door off. Painted the door frame, then you name it, everyman and his fucking dog turned up. A courier came delivering my wine, whichI’d specifically put down for a delivery date of Monday, Sasha came bounding down the stairs, I shoved he in the kitchen, of course the lounge no longer had a door on. See goes careering under the ladder, knocks the paint pot over and gets it all over her paws. I go ape shit. She now run away. I spend the next half-hour shouting my head off walking round with a large vat of white spirit. Went out and did a home check for some cats, picked up a hi-fi rack thing to stick the consoles on. Bought some pet tat. Came back and did a load of wiring in the trunking. Not much more to do now, bit more wiring and a bit more painting, more of a cleaning up operation. So can have a fairly relaxing day tomorrow finishing and tidying up.

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