Twenty-seven bottles and some change, I’m drinking the change

It’s Monday, as Sir Bob says, well I’m sticking with him. Cracked on anyway. To be honest I got quite a lot all sorted, so pretty pleased. Bit of a verify and tidy up operation tomorrow, then I get to work on something new for a while which will be fun. Walked Sasha, weather looked iffy all day, but I never got rained on. Drove to the gym as a downpour was due, again, no rain. Did Combat, very quiet, there was about six of us. Did some more work, then bottled the Voigner, twenty-seven bottles and some change, I’m drinking that now. It’s very good, but could do with maturing for a few weeks. The red is now bubbling nicely, about a week late. I have a Riesling to start tomorrow, need to order a couple more kits in while it’s brewing weather.

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