“Your dad said you’d take a parcel in for next door”

Didn’t really sleep last night. Got up at six, took Sasha to daycare. Went back to bed, managed to sleep a bit. Woken by the postman. He said he may have a parcel for next door, I saw the cleaners pulling up, so shot upstairs to the bathroom. The postman came back and Jamie answered, he said, “Your dad said you’d take a parcel in for next door.” Shame, I liked that postman, he will have to die now.

Cleaners did cleaning, not very well, seem to do less and less each time. I think I need to make it dirtier and dirtier.

Worked on SDK upgrade. Got it all going in the end. Need to do yet another re-write on the shader compiler.

I actually walked Dillon, took him through the forest for once.

Picked up Sasha. Went to Pump. Increased my weights. Arms are looking nice. Managed to get a new map disc for the car sat-nav. Then got the model helicopters out. Flew he msrx, the mcx2 and the cx2. The small twin was fine. I even managed to get the msrx hovering nicely. The cx2 needs some gyro adjustments, but again got it flying without too many issues. Now have a stack of batteries that need charging.

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