I think I’ve finally had enough of Daft Punk

Started this morning with a traditional hang-over, caused by a torture porn evening. Work today consisted of shifting around some constant buffers and then doing an SDK update. All went fine, until one part of the SDK update, which is now crashing with all sorts of overflows. I was planning on finishing on time, but that didn’t happen. Went to the gym and sweated over a cross-trainer.

Came back, had protein shake and then finally finished the helicopter video edit. Uploaded to youtube. It uses tons of plug-ins and us set to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’. I’ve heard that song about 500 times now doing that edit. Still all done, hope people enjoy it.

Watched some telly. Ate salad, didn’t drink anything. Sasha at daycare tomorrow. Cleaners coming. Pump in the evening. Need to practice on model heli’s tomorrow as the weather is almost beginning to get better.

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