“I want my socks back!”

Woke up feeling more worse for wear than I was planning. Joys of finishing off about four bottles of wine. They weren’t all full incidentally. Just a mixture. Checked email then twitter. Got a very off tweet, “I want my socks back! I have spent the last 30 years wondering where they went you bastard!” It was from an old friend of mine who I went to school with. Haven’t seen him in many years, hope all is well with you Andy. Just shows with all this social media you have no idea who’s watching your videos or reading your tweets. Or indeed reading your blog. I know for certain one person who isn’t. Apparently my sister has spoken to her today, I haven’t spoken to my sister yet though.

Work wise, today was all about shaders. I have an interesting issue that I have hundreds of global params spread all over shaders and I need them all in one block. After a hell of a lot of thinking and several false starts I finally worked out a way of doing it. It does mean altering every shader yet again though. Still, fin job for a Friday.

Went to Spin. Uneventful.

Came back and played with Traktor Pro. This is DJ mixing software. I have a USB controller, which I finally managed to configure correctly. Still going through the manual but it’s good fun to play about with. Did some more work.

Lots on at the moment. Lots to play with. Never a dull moment.

Torture porn night.

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