Your basket is not for eating

Spent the bulk of a very cold day looking for leaks. Memory leaks. Found one in a bit of code which isn’t even used anymore, so ended up just ripping the lot out. Then the afternoon with keyboard input stuff. All fairly dull it must be said. Went for a run, when I came back Jamie had gone out and in the space of ten minutes the dogs had ripped up Sasha’s new basket. It was expensive. Dogs spent rest of the evening outside. I’m still not talking to them, it’s daycare day tomorrow, I think I’m going to stay in bed. Bottled the other white, can’t actually remember what it is, but a small sample and it tastes really good. Just the red to go, hopefully I’ll bottle that Thursday and then that’s everything done for this year. I may get a couple more kits in the new year. Talking of new year, not sure what we are doing yet, probably nothing, last year cost about a grand for one evening, so may just stay at home.

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