Not sure I can put up with any club which requires a nomination and a seconder

Spent the day doing unsafe mode command lists. Which is really as unexciting as it sounds. Walked the dogs, it’s bloody freezing again. Went to Combat, seven this time. Came back and worked far longer than I was planning. Ordered some more Christmas presents. They are all for Jamie, I don’t actually get any for anyone else. This will make Christmas substantially cheaper after the divorce.

Read through the stuff about the local model flying club. To join you need to come to one of the winter meetings, buy a club tie, do a secret handshake, toss off the club secretary and then get a nomination and a seconder to fill in your form. You can then part with sixty quid for the years membership. I’m not sure I can really be assed with all the politics just so I can stand next to someone who drinks real ale and has a beard show me the best technique to fly a model helicopter. Don’t know, I’ll think about it. I have enough issues with flying the real one. Mind you, I’ve crashed that considerably less than the models.

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