Yosemite it is then

So working on the joys of constant buffers, well there was a bug in it to be honest. Then another bit of fun with shadow buffers. I upgraded the iMac to Yosemite, which was fine, except Final Cut Pro X no longer worked. I’ve been running off various demo versions for almost a year now, so the time had finally come to open my iTunes account and shell out £200 on it. At least with Apple software it will install on as many machines as you want, so latest version is on the MacBook Air as well. Yosemite looks like you machine has been turned into a tablet of three year olds.

Lunchtime I did more paint stripping, then walked Sasha as Jamie was going out and it was his turn, so she had no chance. Went to the gym and did Pump, my wrist played up a bit, but did a session with Laverne afterwards and it was fine. Came back and did yet more paint stripping, ended up finishing it just before midnight. Added finings to wine. Jamie came home after about three cocktails, which for him is about three too many. I’ve finally sat down to eat at about 1AM. Still, fairly productive day.

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