Okay, so two and a half grand it is

Got up this morning to an email from new plumber and the existing one. The original one decided that £220 was a typing error and it should have been £120 and only £50 for tiling the side of the bath. I don’t care how bad a lier he is and his grammar and spelling are appalling, but at least he had the decency to modify the quote before blowing it completely and almost managed to save face at the same time. Second plumber called around mid-day, after a full break down of everything he texted me back a quote of £2,500. So were all about the same ballpark, this one though liked the sound of his own voice and obviously was a bit short of work as he dropped a hundred quid and said he would do rubbish clearance in about four minutes. So I’ll let number one stew for a bit.

I had a hell of a day with MSAA and clouds.I’m not going into it, it was shit.

Went for a run. It wasn’t long enough and it was too dark. Really need to work out a proper night route. Came back, had a shower. Then stabilised the other lot of wine. Gave it a good whirl with the drill to get the gas out. One more lot of finings to stir into that tomorrow, then its just waiting for it to clear. That one will be ready before the other one I think.

Applied a bit more paint stripper. I may do the tiles yet. Tried to organise flying for Saturday, doesn’t look likely at the moment.

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