I never knew that removing tiles could be so therapeutic

So started off this morning, oddly, tossing Jamie off. I think I was just in the mood to annoy him as he was off to work. Had breakfast, read the paper. Then got the chisels and lump hammer out. Started beating crap out of the bathroom tiles. Did that for an hour or so. Then Jamie came home, said he’d actually booked the day off and forgot as he planned on drinking the night before. My theory with him and alcohol therefore still holds true. Belted crap out of the rest of the tiles on that wall. Then went and picked up the solid marble tiles and some bonding compound. Also got some thick rigger gloves as I was getting pissed off shoving a chisel through my hand. Went into the mall.

Came back and sanded down that wall a bit, then started coating it with compound. That’s all done now, will probably need a couple of coats. Now moved into the other bathroom. Did the accounts, worked out that I’ve totally maxed out one of my cards. Had a shower, in spare bathroom.

Flying tomorrow, then yet more tile thumping. I’ve only got a couple of weekends to finish the whole job.

Got an idea for a new video as well, may give that a go tomorrow.

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