The wizards of odd

Woke up fairly early but couldn’t really be arsed to get up. Managed it eventually. Read the paper. Walked Sasha. Went to Tesco’s and stocked up on petrol. Then I drove over to Cotham and walked into town. Visted ‘Pride’ briefly and then walked bad again. Did the accounts. Then it was time to head off to town for my sisters birthday. We went to a place called ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ which was a magic club. I didn’t really have great expectations but we ended up having a really good time. I drove, so was very sober. All our group ended up on stage at one time or another even Jamie. Sarah was up first which was dead amusing. The second ‘magician’ I must admit wasn’t really my taste. But the act after the interval were great, they were called, ‘The wizards of odd’. They did a great forty-five minute set. Drove home via the Chinese.

There’s something going off at work at the moment which I’d like to comment on, but I’m just doing my best to avoid at the moment. I’m just going to see if it blows over.

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