They think it’s all over, it is now. Well done Germany.

This morning I could have quite happily woken up dead, I just wasn’t really in the mood. Jamie brought me breakfast and buggered off to work. To cut a long story short I parked up at Thornbury leisure centre at 12:45. I then had a great time, almost six full hours walking across fields and being very solitary, except for the point where I came across Shrek and Princess Fiona, who were doing the same circuit but in the opposite direction. I managed thirty-five caches, I needed thirty-seven to make two fifty, but if I don’t do that Tuesday I will need shooting. So to the person who is reading this…I’ve ordered the t-shirt and the patches, it will be going back with Megan Tuesday. Came back and logged everything then had a bath. Watched the world cup final. Germany scored in extra time and to be honest I think they actually deserved it, so well done them.

I’m looking forward to a week where I was rather better off being dead.

Oh, as a side note I received this email from my mother:

Hi Tim,
I will let you know when I make the cake – I bought all the ingredients yesterday.
I have washed your curtains and they look nice but the colour ran into the rubber inside the washing machine door, so it has orange stains on it now. Your dining room floor must be sloping as two of the curtains have a 3” hem, one is 2.25” tapering to 1.5” and the fourth one only has a 1” hem and they were obviously made to measure. I made yours all the same length, so that is why two of them are longer, so I feel happier now that it was not my fault. I will hang yours as they are and then pin them up to just above the rad and cut them off, as I have the same sort of problem, as my rail is not level.


I’d like to officially point out, that I really just don’t give a fuck.

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