Sometimes you just have to accept, things will go according to plan

So got up this morning at 7:15, I was at the garage by about 7:45, dropped off car. Had to wait until 8AM for the curtesy car to arrive. It was the bloody Agila again, but this time a red one. With no petrol in. It’s still like a shopping trolly but without the charisma. I put a fiver of fuel in, I did about twenty miles total so I guess that was fair. Got home by about 8:20 so started work. Far too early. They rang at just gone twelve to say it was all done. There is some bush thing broken on the turbo which needs replacing. They said they would phone when it arrives in. And they will. They also won’t charge for fitting it. I do love Dan Harford, it’s a main dealer and it’s family owned, the same service manager has been there for years. You never get the feeling you are about to be ripped off. Although the service and MOT was over three hundred quid. Still that was a main service, it won’t get that again for another three years, based on the mileage I do. I’ll probably dump it before then anyway. Picked it up at about two, dropped off the trolly.

Work wise was hectic, changed all normal libc trig calls to use a vector library, it’s about five times the speed. Also had some fun with running out of system resources on semaphores. Went to Pump, did PT with Laverne. Started editing a new dog video from the footage we took last week.

Things to do tomorrow, then out in the evening for a few hours, Jamie is working Sunday so we won’t stay out too long.

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