If you will spray paint your bloody logo over council property then yes they will fine you

So woke up on day one. Took some measurements. Fed the hordes, ate breakfast, went back to bed. Had an odd dream. Jamie had received a letter from the council fining him £2,700 for spraying his channel logo over council property. I did have a go at him and say that if he did do that then he deserves the fine. And I took y meds yesterday as well.

Walked the dogs, had lunch. Got all the tools in from the garage for tomorrow. Walked into town, failed to make any purchases. Picked up a woodworking square from ToolStation. Popped into mothers. Came back and did lots of accountancy type things. Didn’t have a bath, had a shower. Made food, chicken, noodles, stuff. Well basically it was a chow-mein. Ate it with a couple of pints of water.

Now typing this up in bed completely sober. Jamie is asleep downstairs on the couch. No we haven’t had a barney, he just fell asleep down there while I was watching the telly, so I left him to it. We don’t have sex in February anyway.

So laminate flooring tomorrow. Followed by more video editing. Must put my old camera on eBay as it’s free listings day. Then make food, eat food, probably with more water.

Oh, and I still haven’t charged this laptop.

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