I will not be defeated by laminate flooring

So woke up, with no bad had. Had breakfast, had meds. Fancied a bum, but that wasn’t going to happen. So bang on midday I started the great laminate flooring adventure. I was a learning experience. I made quite a few fuck ups along the way, including starting at the wrong end. Still, some ten hours later it’s finished and it looks pretty good. I haven’t done the beading or the door strips yet. I had some fun long the way. The circular saw broke, the jigsaw broke, the chop saw broke. And the hand saw I was left with is now so blunt it’s ended up in the bin. There’s a couple of bits I’m not overly thrilled with, but I reckon I can cover most of those up with beading. I’ve decided that as this stuff is still on offer at B&Q I’ll buy enough to do the kitchen. I’m also going to invest in a laminate flooring saw, hopefully it won’t break down and will make the job easier. If that’s a success I may look into redoing the lounge and dining room (yes, I know I’ve only just finished that), but it shows all the mud, so would prefer something a little darker. Plus I want to put in speaker cables and stuff. I have a DIY budget, so it will come out of that, there’s about two grand in it at the moment.

At about 11PM I collapsed into the shower, then cooked tea. Chicken fried rice. I watched Top Gear, then my back finally decided it had enough. So what have I drunk today? Well, three cups (or was it four) cups of coffee, one cup of tea and about two pints. Two pints? Yes, two pints of water. And feel fine.

Oh, still haven’t charged this laptop.

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