So where will the dog sleep?

Okay, so I had a bit of a lazy morning, which kind of drifted into the afternoon. Read the paper, studied ‘Operational Procedures’, almost got the hang of that now. Finally got up and walked Sasha. Had some toast. Then I went to do a home check for a horse sized dog. Hmmm. “Where will the dog sleep at night?”. Lets just say an incorrect answer was supplied. There’s a few other things as well. I think I have only ever failed about one home check before. But have to think of the dog, wrong type of dog this time for the situation. Drove to Curry’s, tried to find a Hero 4 black edition, no chance. Got stuck in the car park. Got back home, then went out for a couple of hours, there was a fairly new Geocache over towards the station so walked there. Spent about ten minutes standing under a bridge up to my ankles in water. Found it eventually. That takes me up to 214, which sounds much better than 213. Did the accounts. Think I’ll have a bath now. Flying tomorrow.

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